Today I was enjoying a glass of ice water with my husband, as we looked out at the garden.  I was explaining to him that one of my favorite things to do, when the weather is mild, is garden in my bare feet.
I love gardening and living with the seasons.  Gardening grounds me to the earth and I feel more emotionally balanced.  Life is easier to handle with even a little bit of gardening.  It doesn't matter if it's only picking a little bit of green beans, like today, or working for a few hours. 

To me it is like a moving mediation. A place of great gratitude to God for not only the beautiful harvest, but for all my blessings. I love the feeling of being a co-creator with God and a participant in the Law of the Harvest.  I love playing in the dirt, and it usually shows on my clothes.  I love getting wet, the smell of damp grass and dirt, the wonderful harvests and the simple joy of cultivating the earth.

So as fall is upon us I am planting garlic and winter vegetables.  After Christmas I will be planting indoor window boxes of salad greens and herbs.  These will brighten my day, even if it's raining or snowing.

I want to encourage everyone to play in the dirt and enjoy life's simple blessings!